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Medium roast Sumatran, wet-hulled.  Grown by smallholders in in the district of Paranginan, Humbahas Province in the Karo Highlands area of Sumatra.  Here the climate, soil conditions, and elevation make for ideal for growing conditions for arabica coffee.  We've kept this roast profile on the lighter side compared to many Sumatrans.  This allows us to highlight the nuances of the terroir and also complements the relatively heavy body of this coffee.


Note:  This coffee is whole-bean.  We feel this is the best option to preserve freshness, flavor, and aroma.  If you need your coffee ground, please choose a grind level option and we'll be happy to grind it accordingly.

Sumatra - Karo Highlands, Wet Hulled

  • Heavy body with sugary sweetness, some rustic hints of tobacco and vanilla, juicy nectarine and dense caramel

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