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Light roast, washed process.  This single varietal (typica) coffee was produced by Hacienda La Papaya in Saraguro, Ecuador.  Owner-operator Juan Peña applies a meticulously scientific approach to each microlot of coffee, changing everything from soil inputs to processing methods.  In the past few years, Mr Peña's coffees have been used by several top competitors in US and international roasting and barista competitions.

12oz - 340g

Note:  This coffee is whole-bean.  We feel this is the best option to preserve freshness, flavor, and aroma.  If you need your coffee ground, please choose a grind level option and we'll be happy to grind it accordingly.

Ecuador - Juan Peña, Hacienda La Papaya

Whole Bean or Ground
  • Rich, chocolatey base with a heavy mouthfeel, balanced with tangy melon sweetness and a floral-hop finish.