Medium roast, washed process.  This coffee comes from a group of 65 smallholder producers from the Meseta de Popayán, adjacent to the Colombian Andes.  Coffees from this area are grown at around 1700 MASL and have excellent potential for being very high quality. 
In addition, the Popayán Reserve program pays farmers additional premiums up to 20% above market price in order to encourage quality farming pratices among the members.  The result is a classic cup that is balanced and delicious.


Note:  This coffee is whole-bean.  We feel this is the best option to preserve freshness, flavor, and aroma.  If you need your coffee ground, please choose a grind level option and we'll be happy to grind it accordingly.

Colombia - Popayán Reserve, Cauca

  • Caramel and sugar cane sweetness, notes of chocolate, balanced acidity with tangy green grape and hints of tropical fruit.