Medium roast Colombian coffee, aerobic washed process.  Grown at Atacao, El Pinion in the Tolima region, this coffee was produced by Jose Yara.  This microlot is 100% Castillo varietal, which was originally planted to combat coffee leaf rust, a disease which afflicts the coffee plants and limits production.  Castillo has since been shown to have incredible sweetness and a "juicy" quality that showcases the excellent terroir of the various growing regions in Colombia.  


12oz, 340g Note: This coffee is whole-bean. We feel this is the best option to preserve freshness, flavor, and aroma. If you need your coffee ground, please choose a grind level option and we'll be happy to grind it accordingly.

Colombia - Jose Yara, Castillo Microlot

  • Bold and sweet with flavors of heavy caramel and dark chocolate.  Bright lime zest and subtle cinnamon notes bring balance to the cup, especially as it cools.