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Light roast Colombian coffee, Sidra (varietal), natural process.  In the ever changing landscape of specialty coffee, sometimes the most exciting innovations are the new varietals that pop up every so often.  Everyone was enamored with Gesha and Pink Bourbon and the like, but Sidra just might be our favorite.  Sidra is a cross-breed native to Ecuador.  While there is some debate on genetics, it is likely a derivitive of Bourbon and/or Typica.  This particular Sidra was lovingly cultivated at Finca Juan Martin in the Cauca region of Colombia.  Located in the highest area of Sotara, just 30 mins from Cauca's capital of Popayan, Juan Martin is dedicated to developing environmentally-conscious practices as well as providing jobs to community members with educational opportunities.  Here the weeds and undergrowth are cleared by hand and the surface of the trees are cleaned every 75 days in order to combat pests and disease.  In general, coffees here are cultivated, harvested, and processed while adhering to the highest standards of quality, organization, and control depending on the ambient conditions as well as the specific needs required by each variety as determined by various factors including Brix level, moisture content, and desired cup characteristics.


We are very proud to offer this stunning coffee as part of our new ongoing series called "Aurora".   Through Aurora, our aim is to explore distinctly different varietals and processing methods in order to showcase the upper echelon of what is being produced today in specialty coffee.  


8oz  |   224g


Note:  This coffee is whole-bean.  We feel this is the best option to preserve freshness, flavor, and aroma.  If you need your coffee ground, please choose a grind level option and we'll be happy to grind it accordingly.

Colombia - Finca Juan Martin, Sidra Natural

  • Sweet and floral aromas of rose and lavender, huge sweetness with flavors of fresh strawberry and peach ring gummies.  Juicy with an exceptional finish that continuously plays between floral and fruit-laden.  

    We prefer this coffee brewed in a V60 or similar conical pour over brewer, with a 1:16 coffee to water ratio and a medium-fine grind.  Brew time should be between 2:45 and 3:00 mintues and poured in multiple stages for maximum sweetness and extraction.  Alternatively, this roast could be dialed for completely mind-bending espresso extractions.

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