"Cascara" is translated as "husk" in Spanish, and refers here simply to the dried pulp of the coffee cherry.  The flavors in cascara are nothing like coffee and are more similar to tea or rooibos.  Most cascara is not commercially produced and may contain large amounts of debris, contaminants, and chemicals.  However, this cascara is one of the first to be specifically grown and processed commercially to produce this product.  The coffee was collected from two farms in Llano Bonita de Naranjo, then it was processed, washed, pasteurized and dried in collaboration with the local micromill and the University of Cost Rica using food-grade technology.  Organic testing has proved this lot to be clean and safe to use.

We recommend brewing at a 1:20 cascara to water ratio.  Our favorite method is 20g cascara and 400ml of 205 degree water in a french press, with a 4-5 minute infusion time.


Cascara - Costa Rica - Premium Grade 120g

  • Flavors of sweet-tart hot apple cider give way to raspberry, watermelon candies and golden raisin.  

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