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Honest & Good

Responsibly sourced, expertly roasted.

-   ABOUT US  -


Born of a love of coffee and a desire to bring the community together, Greenglass Coffee Company was started in order to bring artisan roasted specialty coffee to Southwest Michigan and beyond.  Whether you're grabbing a single bag from our website or stopping into our café in Paw Paw, MI, we're excited to be able to share in your experience.

Each coffee has its own unique story, passing through so many hands before being enjoyed by you.  To celebrate this we specialize in single origin coffees, which allow us to highlight the nuances of some of our favorite regions from around the world.  Our sourcing model is to start as close to the farm as possible.  The added traceability allows to ensure that the coffees are sustainably grown and the producers are paid fairly (generally well above Fair Trade prices).  Additionally, many of the farms and traders participate in programs specifically designed to increase quality of life for the workers while fostering a focus on sustainability.  If you have any questions about what we currently have, what's on the horizon, or what might be the best fit for your particular tastes, feel free to ask.  We love to talk coffee!

- the Greenglass Team


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